FCS Basics is designed to provide students with basic life skills needed to strengthen their character, their families, and their communities in our changing and complex society.  Topics of study include personality, dating, and close relationships; communication and conflict resolution; making families stronger; caring for children; applying design; sewing basics; choosing and caring for clothing; promoting good health; nutrition and food selection; meal planning, preparation, and service; different food groups and their importance; and exploring careers.  Student participation in Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is an integral part of this course, so membership in this group is desired.
Since FCS is considered to be a lab class, a $15 lab fee is required to help offset the cost of materials (food, cooking equipment, sewing machine servicing, and sewing equipment) we will be using when we return to in-person class.  The students get to cook and eat during our cooking labs, but they will not be responsible for bringing ingredients or pots and pans each time we cook.  They will also not be responsible for buying scissors, pins, seam rippers, seam gauges, sewing machines, etc. when we sew.  During the sewing unit, students will be responsible for buying the supplies (fabric, thread, notions, and stuffing, if needed) for their projects.  Each student is unique, so I want them to have the project-appropriate fabric that they like.  Please make out the Lab Fee check to Owasso 8th Grade Center.