Mrs. Argo's Advanced Physical Science

ATTENTION: Due to the change from physical to virtual school, I have created a Google Site to house all information related to my class. The link can be accessed below: 
Hello! Welcome to Advanced Physical Science! Feel free to look around as I finish setting up for the fall semester, and be sure to check out my syllabus and Google Site for a list of supplies. Please also note specific supplies for each hour:
1st Hour - Hand soap (refill or 8-12oz. size)
2nd Hour - Clorox wipes (if you cannot locate them, feel free to substitute something from another hour!)
3rd Hour - Kleenex
4th Hour - 2-3 rolls of paper towels
5th Hour - Hand soap (refill or 8-12oz. size)
6th Hour - 0.5 or 0.7 Lead
These supplies will be used for all of my classes, and can be brought in at your convenience.
*A note: While I have class sets of scissors, colored pencils, markers, etc., community use of these supplies is discouraged this year. Students do not need to purchase these specifically for my class, but will occasionally be asked to bring them.
** Another note: This year, we are strongly recommending that students purchase their own safety goggles and aprons for lab activities. Please see my webiste (linked below) for more details and recommended sites to shop for them. 
Thank you so much, and I look forward to meeting you all! 
Physical Science (High School Level Course) Credit: 1
Students will be expected to go beyond grade level standards in order to fully understand the complex scientific connections within the content. This course covers the foundational concepts of chemistry and physics. Chemistry is the study of the properties, composition, structure, and interactions of matter. Physics is the study of the relationship between matter and energy. Students will be active participants of learning by discovering the many different scientific concepts found within this course and by using those concepts to explain phenomena observed in the real world. This course will have a hands-on, minds-on, and collaborative environment which will require students to develop and use critical thinking skills. (A prerequisite of concurrent Algebra I or above is required.)
I would also add that even though we are a high school credit course, students are still expected to perform on the 8th grade state science test. As such, they will be reviewing and exploring the entire traditional eighth grade science curriculum in addition to Physical Science concepts.