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Education has been my profession and passion for 21 years.  I have a Master's degree from Oklahoma State University and a Bachelor's degree from Northeastern State University.  I am also a National Board Certified Teacher and the author of The Adventures of Gum:  Bummer Summer.  In addition to teaching for Owasso Public Schools, I am a health coach.  Passing on mental and physical wellness is as important as the curriculum we teach.



I love teaching and learning.  You will have a WONDERFUL YEAR if you keep an open mind, try, and practice respect.  I will teach you skills that will help you in ALL of your other academic courses in addition to preparing you for your ACT and SAT exams after state testing.  


As your teacher, my top priority is to prepare you for high school using extensive reading and writing opportunities through innovative approaches that will make learning fun and engaging. Most everything you need for my class can be accessed through this web page and Google Classroom. Most of what we do is done electronically.  I am here to assist you and will do my best to help you reach your own personal goals.  

This site is VERY BASIC as I have moved most content to Google Classroom.  Its purpose is to introduce you to our classroom, to help you get started with Google Classroom, see a supply list, and provides you with some web links we will be needing throughout the year.  I recommend placing a shortcut on your phone or other devices so you can access this page with one click.  We will utilize Google Classroom most of the time.  Google classroom codes were given out the first week of school.  Parents should also download the app and join our classroom as a parent if they want to get notifications.  In order to do this, you must email me and put your child's hour and name in the subject line.  In the body of the email, just write "add me".  This will add you for all classes that use Google Classroom.  You will not have to do this again.

Daily Assignments are posted online in Google Classroom.  If you miss a day of class, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check classroom and complete your quote connection for the day.  Most handouts will be posted for that day.  



Google Classroom Join Codes:
1st Hour Google Classroom Join Code:  9pz51c4
2nd Hour Google Classroom Join Code: zu5x29
3rd Hour Google Classroom Join Code: bgbciqc 
5th Hour Google Classroom Join Code: ibc289r
6th Hour Google Classroom Join Code:  sfffma
Students must sign up first, then parents can join by completing this quick request form (  This will send you automatic updates daily regarding work posted in Google Classroom.  If you are absent, you will not be given a written slip of all your work.  Your work will be posted here and it is your responsibility to come ask for specific handouts.