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Upcoming Projects

Book Proofs

You will be responsible for presenting book talks to the class throughout the year.  I will schedule a time for you to share one of your favorite reads.  This will be after we get to know one another and you are more comfortable.  


NOTE:  In order to use this document, please click on document and then select "Make a Copy".  Rename the document by placing your first and last name in front of the file name.  You will turn this in to the assignment sectionfor Book Proof in the Classwork section of Google Classroom. 

Fiction Book Proof Form

NonFiction Book Proof Form


Due Dates for Book Proofs:

Book Proof 1:  Sept. 26 (One extra day was provided due to tech issues with first form.)

Book Proof 2:  Oct. 23

Book Proof 3:  Nov. 20 

Book Proof 4:  Dec. 18  

Book Proof 5:  Jan. 29   

Book Proof 6:  Feb. 26  

Book Proof 7:  Apr. 15     

Book Proof 8:  May 13  

The Poetry Project 


Fall Semester:  

Spring Semester:  


Your poetry project will consist of one poem that meets the rubric guidelines covered in class.  Keep all handouts in your folder.  There is an image of the Poetry Rubric at the bottom of this page if you cannot locate yours.


Presenting a copy of the rubric with a printed copy of your poem will earn you 5 bonus points.  You must make the copy.  




Quick Writes

50 Points per week (ten points per day)

THESE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF THEY ARE LATE.  These are posted daily in Google Classroom along with what we did in class that day.



Each day you enter the classroom, immediately begin on your quick write for the day.  The quote or prompt will appear on the board in the same location every day.  Guidelines for this daily assignment will be given out in class and will be posted in the classroom.  Please keep these guidelines in your folder as a reference tool throughout the year.  This assignment will evolve as your writing skills evolve.  It is your responsibility to get to class on time so you can work on these in class.  Five minutes will be given at the start of class each day.  If you do not finish, it will be your responsibility to complete it at home.  These are due on Monday of each week and must be kept in your Google Drive until you turn them in via Google Classroom.  Do no share these with me in Drive. As we write throughout the year, you will be allowed to make reference to these quotes to help you "hit home" on a point you are trying to make.