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Independent and Subordinate Clauses part 1 

Independent and Subordinate Clauses part 2 

Simple and Compound Sentences

Compound, Complex, Compound-Complex Sentences:






Articles for Your Choice Argumentative Paper:

Social Networking in School Articles

Cell Phones in Class

Junk Food in School

Single-Sex Education

More Single-Sex Education Articles, Not Blocked

Pros and Cons

Both sides

Best for Students


Skipping School for Vacation: Good for Families, or Bad for Students?

School Suspensions Don’t Work. It’s Time for Something Different.

Students Who Lose Recess Are the Ones Who Need It Most





MLA Format Guide - Use this quick guide as a reference to creating your Works Cited page for your research.

Holocaust Research Links - This links to our 8th grade media center.  There are numerous sites already listed.

EBSCO HOST:    Username:  owasso8

Password:  research

Citation Help: Knightcite

Citation Help:  EasyBib




Poetry Games

The Diary of Anne Frank Act I PLAY

The Diary of Anne Frank ACT II PLAY: 

Google Classroom - Log in here to connect with your class using our classroom platform in Google Classroom.  

POWERSCHOOL - Used for Literature book access and grades

Quizlet - All vocabulary sets will be placed on quizlet.  Download the app on your phone and study daily.  This will help reinforce skills and concepts.  Search "Brothers8" for our class sets.

Online Reference - Use this online reference tool to access an electronic dictionary, thesaurus, or encyclopedia.

Writing Checker - Use this online tool as you construct essay responses or written work for any class.  This site will give you suggestions to improve your writing.

Reading Skills for Every Area Covered:  Help your child improve certain areas with their reading goals.  This site helps you zone in on those skills that need improvement.

Figurative Language Site - Dig deeper into figurative language as you plunge into this website. 

Improve Vocabulary - Search here to find ways to help you build your vocabulary.  You will find a word of the day, ipad and iphone apps and more.

Creative Writing Prompts - If you love to write, here are some creative prompts that will tickle your creative side.

Skills  Clarification - Has something slipped your mind?  This site will help you by providing specific terminology as well as examples to help you remember.

Vocabulary Strengthening Games - This is one of my favorite sites.  We will use this in class for warm ups.  

Library of Congress Teen List - We will use this in class.

Argumentative Writing Prompts - List of writing prompts for argumentative writing.

Ransom of Red Chief -  Web story





Traditional Colleges On-Site Education in Oklahoma - Discover Oklahoma Colleges and Universities.  This site is a collective site put together by the State Regents for higher education.


Schools and Colleges in Oklahoma - This is a database of online schools and colleges.  Use this to compare information.  This is only for online schools.


The Princeton Review - Use a trusted resource to plan for college.