Useful Research Websites

User ID:  Owasso8
Password:  research
Ebsco is a large database of periodicals and reference books provided by OSDE.L
Username:  owassohs
Password:  gorams
Student Resources in Context is a huge database of reference books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and images.  It is especially good for history, biographical information, and literature.  Gale Discovering is great for searching by subject. GVRL is Gale’s Virtual Reference Library of e-reference books.
Username:  owassohs
Password:  Grolier
This multimedia encyclopedia is a good interactive resource for current and past research topics.
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Password:  740554
SIRS is a good resource for information on social issues.
Username:  owassohs
Password:  gorams
EB is a nice online Encyclopedia where you can find information on a huge variety of subjects.

Other Resources

Writing an argumentative research essay

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries has designed Digital Prairie to serve as an electronic library for the people of Oklahoma. It consists of two parts: