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Welcome to the 8th Grade Media Center!

Students have free access to a variety of online subscription databases. Quick links to each site are provided within the virtual media center below. If you need assistance, please email Mrs. Fender.

8th Grade Center Virtual Library

Course Syllabus


The Owasso Public Schools Library Media Center’s mission is to promote, nurture and support ongoing interest, research, and inquiry for all district students and staff.
This will be accomplished by recognizing the various sequential and developmental needs for individual students and through curriculum collaboration and cooperative instruction with the entire school community.


The vision of the Owasso 8th grade Library Media Center is to provide the learning community of Owasso with the necessary tools to become lifelong learners and contributors to society by promoting and supporting information literacy.


  • To provide equal opportunity and access to information regardless of the socioeconomic, academic, or physical needs of each individual student.

  • To provide adequate resources and instruction to support research, inquiry, creativity, and interest to the school community.

  • To provide an unbiased, diverse collection of materials and media to support multiple intelligence, different learning styles, and multicultural needs.

  • To create meaningful interdisciplinary lessons through collaboration.

  • To integrate technology into the curriculum appropriately

  • To promote lifelong learning, an appreciation of literature, and a love of reading.


8th Grade Students will

  • Recognize and model ethical behavior in the school library

  • Choose books of interest independently, including Young Adult literature

  • Perform basic and power searches using the Destiny © catalog to locate sources

  • Locate materials in  print and electronic materials independently

  • Locate and use a variety of resources, including print and web resources

  • Acquire, define and use key research terms

  • Learn the basic criteria to evaluate valid websites to use for information

  • Use a variety of writing techniques to organize and synthesize information (outline, paraphrasing, analysis, compare/contrast, cause and effect, persuasion)

  • Use  library research tools online [Gale, Britannica, EBSCO]

  • Use information responsibly and create basic and annotated bibliographies

  • Explore and appreciate a variety of literature

Hi! My name is Shauna Fender, and I'm the Library Media Specialist for the 8th Grade Center.
My husband, David and I have 2 children, Mason and Macey. I enjoy reading and fostering the love of books.