Chromebook Information & Insurance

Owasso Public Schools has established an Insurance Program to give parents the ability to purchase insurance for the 1:1 Instructional Initiative each school year. The technology given to the student includes a Chromebook and Charging Cord. The insurance, if purchased, will cover the repair costs of each part of the Chromebook; it will not include the cost of the charging cord.

For perspective, the cost to repair a cracked screen is $60 and the cost for a new device is $289. Whereas, the cost of insurance for the school year is only $25 per student.

The Insurance Program is a voluntary program and families are encouraged, but not required, to participate.

The parent/guardian is fully responsible for damage, repair, and replacement costs incurred while the Chromebook is issued to their student and will need to complete a Technology Use Agreement as part of the issuance. Acts of intentional damage will not be covered by insurance.

  • If insurance is purchased:

    • 1st instance of damage = 100% coverage

    • 2nd instance of damage = 50% coverage to repair damaged item

    • 3rd instance of damage = 0% coverage to repair damaged item

      • Cost to Repair Items

        • Whole Chromebook = $289

        • Charge Cord = $35

        • Screen = $60

        • Screen Cable = $20

        • Wi-Fi Card = $40

        • Keyboard = $40

        • Touchpad = $30

  • If Insurance was NOT purchased:

    • Student/Family may purchase for $25, good for the remainder of the school year

      • And, they have bypassed the 1st instance of damage, the next instance will be at 50% coverage

    • Student/Family may elect to pay full price to repair Chromebook at the prices listed above


Every Owasso Eighth Grade student must complete this process in order to receive his/her schedule.

To accept/purchase Chromebook Insurance:

Parents with an existing PowerSchool Parent Portal account should visit ok-owasso.intouchreceipting and follow the directions on the screen to sign in to PowerSchool. Please note, those declining insurance will be charged a zero dollar amount ( a convenience fee WILL NOT be charged for zero dollar items) in order to provide confirmation of declination.

Parents without a PowerSchool Parent Portal account are encouraged to visit their child’s school with a photo ID to receive their Parent Portal credentials. An account can then be created. Until then, parents without access to the PowerSchool Parent Portal must pay at their child’s school site by cash, check, or credit/debit card.

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