National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

NJHS Dues are $10.
Your parent/guardian can pay the NJHS student dues through Parent Portal or you can bring cash or check to Mrs. Brogan.
If you pay with a check it should be made out to Owasso 8th Grade Center NJHS
To maintain membership in NJHS -
Each semester, students must:
* Earn a semester GPA of 3.5 or above
* Complete at least 3 community service hours and 3 school service hours.
* Turn in Service verification forms by the posted due dates. (School service hours apply to any volunteering done for an Owasso Public School)
* Participate in at least one NJHS sponsored activity (school or community) per semester.
* Demonstrate good character, citizenship, and leadership ( verified by school principals and counselors, based on disciplinary or conduct issues.
Frequently Asked Questions:
* Your legal name needs to be at the top. (If you go by another name, include that too.)
* All information needs to be completed on the form.
* Your parents may NOT sign it for you.
* If you are required to complete the activity for another club or a sport, you may NOT submit it for credit here (example: working a carwash or concession stand to make money for your sports team).
* Forms are available on the NJHS bulletin board in the English hallway. Do not use 7th grade or H.S. NJHS forms.
* Extra first-semester hours do NOT rollover. You must complete a minimum of 3 school and 3 community hours EACH semester.
Students will be able to apply to NJHS after their 1st-semester grades have been posted. 
  1. Candidates eligible for selection to this chapter must be in the second semester of 8th grade.
  2. To be eligible for selection to membership in this chapter, the candidate must have been enrolled for a period equivalent to one semester at Owasso 8th grade Center.
  3. Candidates eligible for selection to the chapter shall have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  4. Upon meeting the grade level, enrollment, and GPA standards, candidates shall then be considered based on their service, leadership, character, and citizenship.
The selection process will begin in January with an Induction Ceremony following.
New members will be required to:
Pay dues in the amount of $10.
Participate in at least 1 group service project.
Complete 3 hours of school and 3 hours of community service for the 2nd semester.