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Course Syllabus - English

English Language Arts
Owasso Eighth Grade Center
Owasso Public Schools

Instructor Information:
Kim Brogan, MS Administration/Curriculum Supervision

Course Webpage: (click on staff directory)



You are expected to turn in all assignments on time and to the best of your ability. You must title and label your papers correctly. (Refer to class sample.) Points will be deducted if assignments aren’t labeled properly. Behavior should never be an issue in class. Any issues will result in communication with parents immediately, no warnings. We have a lot to cover, and
maturity is a must. This is your last year before high school. If you allow it, my classroom environment will be FUN and UPBEAT. You won’t want to miss, I promise. If you use your class time at 100%, you won’t be stuck with hours of homework each week. Be on time and work hard!

Take care of your restroom needs before class. Do not ask to go to the restroom when the bell rings. Unless you have special circumstances, it will be difficult to leave class.

Prerequisites: It is assumed you possess the following basic skills: writing in complete sentences, ability to interpret and create descriptions using figurative language, word study, basic prefixes and suffixes, narrative writing with dialogue, and basic paragraphing construction. Note-taking skills are used daily. Knowledge of Google Drive and operation of a Chromebook is helpful.

Topic Outline: Below is a very general outline of the course content. The entire course description can be found in the Owasso Course Catalog or on my webpage.

I. Speaking and Listening
a. Develop and apply effective communication skills through speaking and active listening
b. Develop and apply effective communication skills through speaking and active listening to create individual and group presentations
II. Reading and Writing Process
a. Read and comprehend increasingly complex literary and informational texts
b. Develop and strengthen writing by engaging in a recursive process that includes prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing
III. Critical Reading and Writing
a. Comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and respond to a variety of complex texts of all literary and informational genres from a variety of historical, cultural, ethnic, and global perspectives
b. Write for varied purposes and audiences in all modes, using fully developed ideas, strong organization, well-chosen and appropriate voice
IV. Vocabulary
a. Expand academic, domain-appropriate, grade-level vocabularies through reading, word study, and class discussion
b. Apply knowledge of vocabularies to communicate by using descriptive, academic, and domain-appropriate abstract and concrete words in their writing
V. Language
a. Apply knowledge of grammar and rhetorical style to analyze and evaluate a variety of texts
b. Demonstrate command of Standard English grammar, mechanics, and usage through writing and other modes of communication
VI. Research
a. Comprehend, evaluate, and synthesize resources to acquire and refine knowledge
b. Summarize and paraphrase, integrate evidence, and cite sources to create reports, projects, papers, texts, and presentations for multiple purposes
VII. Multimodal Literacies
a. Evaluate written, oral, visual, and digital texts in order to draw conclusions and analyze arguments
b. Create multimodal texts to communicate knowledge and develop arguments
VIII. Independent Reading and Writing
a. Read independently for a variety of purposes for extended periods of time
b. Select appropriate texts for specific purposes
c. Write independently for extended periods of time
d. Vary modes of expression to suit audience and task

Brozo, William G. Literature. Hoboken, NJ: Pearson, 2015. Print
(Digital textbook access is available through Powerschool login)
Various Novels
Self-Selected Text over Holocaust and other World Events
Teacher Selected Film as Multimodal Literacies

Supplies for Everyone:

  • 1 composition notebook (college ruled please)
  • 1 plastic folder with brads and pockets
  • Pencils/pens for personal use
  • Highlighters for personal use
  • $1 to keep in backpack for any overdue book fees throughout the year.

Suggested Supplies:

  • 1 extra folder - for research and /or long-term project  materials
  • Earbuds or headphones to be used with Chromebooks - (no bluetooth or Apple-specific headphones)

PLEASE participate in class supplies by purchasing the item below that correlates with the hour you attend my class.

2nd hr - 1 pack of clorox wipes

3rd hr - 1 box Kleenex

4th hr - 3 packs of pencils

5th hr - 1 pack of loose leaf notebook paper (college ruled)

6th hr - 1 pack of highlighters (any color)

NOTE: I don’t require the use of a binder. We use our class set of Chromebooks. Most of our work is digital.
Library Fees: We will be checking out many books throughout the year. It is your responsibility to set reminders for library due dates. Overdue book fines are .05 per day. It is a good idea to always keep $1.00 in your backpack for library fees only.

Absent & Late Work: When a student is absent from class, it is the STUDENT’S responsibility to get missing assignments and to turn them in on time. Daily assignments are posted in Google Classroom along with most handouts. Most of the time, you can finish the assignment from home and be on track for the next day. I will not remind you to turn in late work. Late work is allowed up to one day past the due date and is not permitted on projects or book proofs. It will be your responsibility. I follow the guidelines stated in the student handbook.

Grading Policy: Grades are updated almost daily. Essays and reports take longer to grade. I do adhere to the school’s grading
A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 70-79
D= 60-69
F = 59 and below

Assignments, Projects, and Exams: Assignments will be posted on the board and in Google Classroom daily. Below are general assignments. A more detailed list with due dates are located on my webpage under the link “Upcoming Projects”.
Interactive Student Notebook (ISN)
The Poetry Project – Each Quarter
Quick Writes – As Assigned
Essay Projects – Regularly (These are turned in to Google Classroom assignment box)
Research Paper
Figurative Language Project

No Red Ink

More assignments - TBA

General Reading: By now, you should be a lifelong reader, reading for information and pleasure. Always be involved in a novel. It is your responsibility to complete one novel per month. Due dates for book proofs are listed on my webpage under “Upcoming Projects”. These are submitted using a Google Form. Be sure to select the correct date for the book proof you are submitting. You may use your school email, but if the email is not active you will not be able to retrieve the link to finish working on your submission. If you plan on going back to the form, you will want to use an active email address.

Electronic Paper Checker: My goal is to teach you how to utilize electronic resources to proof and improve your writing. You will also run your work through a plagiarism checker; you will be required to utilize electronic tools on a daily basis. These tools will help you navigate through multitudes of written communication. We will also be bookmarking these tools and organizing them in Google so you can continue to access them throughout your education.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work and passing it off as your own. ANY product of plagiarism will result in a zero and possibly disciplinary action. Your plagiarism checker should show less than 30% at all times.

Google Drive: We will be working out of Google Drive. You will turn in hard copies of some assignments while others will be shared with me via Google Docs. Be responsible. Keep documents in your drive “clean and appropriate”. You will be held responsible for all items on your Google Drive that are connected to our school account. Failure to use technology in a responsible manner will result in you forfeiting the privilege or could cause you to be limited to a classroom computer that is visible to the teacher. At any time, I may have hundreds of virtual documents I am working in, so please follow the next set of directions clearly. When you turn in an assignment via Google Docs, you must save the document using this format:
Hour (number only) – First and Last Name – Assignment Title
Example for a second hour student: 2 – Curly Sue – October Poetry Project

1. Planner: Keeping a planner is suggested. We have a lot of due dates and it is helpful to be able
to record them in your planner.
2. Daily Novel Check: Bring a novel to class daily. Bringing your book and reading the entire time
allotted for silent reading is worth 5 points per day. This adds up!
3. Quick Writes: Complete these as soon as you enter, 10 points per day when assigned. QW’s
are due the following Monday (or first school day of the week). (subject to change).

Assignments are sorted by the first number in the filename and placed in a folder for your class on my Google Drive. Anything without a number is not priority and may be deleted. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Chromebook – You will be assigned a Chromebook to use in my classroom daily. It is expected that you take care of it, and treat it respectfully. These are not removed from the classroom. Changing settings is not permitted as several people will use the same Chromebook in other hours. Mistreating or misusing technology in our classroom will result in limited or zero access. The choice is yours.
Student’s Username: ______________________ Student’s Password: _____________________

Phones in Class: Since we have access to Chromebooks regularly, the need for phones in class is rare. Phones should be off and in your backpack. Constant messages and updates are often a distraction. If you are reading a book on your phone, you may only access your book and must be seated in plain view. This policy is strict. Phones will be confiscated and sent to the office. This is

PowerSchool: It is your responsibility to check your grades regularly. Access can be obtained by logging into PowerSchool. It is VITAL that you have the PowerSchool app on your devices or computer. Parents are encouraged to download the app also.

NOTE TO PARENTS: You should login to PowerSchool using the parent login only. Do not use the student login. Problems arise when parents use the student login and change the password. Students need to keep their username and password the same because it allows them to access their textbook and exams.
Student’s Username: _____________________ Student’s Password:______________________

Quizlet: I use quizlet for many of our tests. My class name is Brogan8 Please log-on at and join my class. Be sure you register under the correct hour. (To find your class, just type “Brogan8” in the search box. Bookmark this page.)
Student’s Username: ____________________ Student’s Password: _______________________

Remind: Text “@996b7k” to 81010. This will automatically sign you up for any announcements pushed out by me via Remind. I don’t post general school announcements and little reminders about projects in classroom as it clutters our stream. I will use Remind for general helpful reminders. You are important to me. I am here for you and will do whatever I can to assist you throughout the year. If you allow it, you will have a wonderful time learning information that will help you throughout the rest of your life. If you need help with any of your assignments, please let me know so we can arrange a time to meet.

DISCLAIMER! - Assignment information in this document is subject to change.  I will give you plenty of notice.

Looking forward to an awesome year together!