First Day of In Person Information

Parents and Guardians of the Class of 2025, 


We are so excited to have your students back in the building on Thursday! 

If you are planning on dropping your student off in the morning or picking them up in the afternoon, please review our procedures. Please do not pull into the South Gym parking lot to drop off your student. It creates congestion for the vehicles and buses entering and exiting the school on the main road. 

School Pictures will be taken on Wednesday October 14 and retakes are October 28. See attachments for order information. Also, if you would like to purchase a yearbook for your student you may do so by clicking here.

Picture Day Information

Yearbook Information 


The following information was sent to your student via their school email address. Please make sure that your student reads the email and is ready for Thursday. 

Masks: Students and staff members will be required to wear a mask. Make sure that your mask is on properly when you arrive. Students will receive a district provided mask during their first hour. If you do not have a mask, you will be given your mask before you enter the building. You will not receive another mask in first hour. 

Before School: There are two places to wait when you arrive at school. 

  • Cafeteria: If you are eating breakfast at school, you will enter the main doors (remember mask on), get your breakfast, have a seat at a cafeteria table , remove your mask, and eat. Once you are finished eating, please put your mask back on. You will wait for the teachers on duty to dismiss you

  • South Gym: if you are not eating breakfast, you will walk down the sidewalk to enter the south gym and enter from the West Side door. Make sure that you are wearing your mask. Once you enter the gym, the teachers on duty will direct you where to sit and when it's dismissal time. 

During the Day: 

  • You will not have a locker this year. Everything you need for your classes will have to be carried by you in your backpack. 

  • The 8GC has one way hallways. This means when you exit a class keep to the right side of the hallway. You will turn right out into the main hallway. You will have to make the center hallway loop then turn right into your next hallway keeping to the right hand side of the hallway. If it sounds confusing, don't worry. Teachers will be in the hallways to help direct students. 

  • Assigned seats: you will have an assigned seat in each of your classes. This is so that we can contact trace in case of a Covid-19 exposure. Please sit in your assigned seat daily.

  • Your bell schedule will be different now that we are back in the building.  

1st hr. 8:00 - 9:00

2nd hr. 9:04 - 10:04

3rd hr. 10:08 - 11:08

4th hr. 11:12 - 12:37

1st Lunch 11:08 - 11:33

2nd Lunch 12:12 - 12:37

5th hr. 12:41 - 1:41

6th hr. 1:45 - 2:45  

Lunch: You will eat lunch based on your 4th hour teacher. They should let you know before Thursday what lunch you have. 

  • First lunch: you will go to 4th hour, drop your backpack/items off in the classroom, and then proceed into the cafeteria. When lunch is over, you will go back to 4th hour for class time. 

  • Second lunch: you leave your items in 4th hour (unless you have band 5th hour), go to the cafeteria for lunch, and then return to 4th hour, get your backpack/items and then proceed to 5th hour. 

  • Band students: you will take your backpack with you to the cafeteria and place it in the band cubbies in the lobby before getting in line for lunch. When students are dismissed, band students will be dismissed first to get their backpack/instrument from the cubbies and load the buses for band at the HS. 

  • During lunch, you will sit in at an assigned table in an assigned seat. This is so that we can contact trace in case of a Covid-19 exposure. Please sit in your assigned seat daily. Your 4th hour teacher will communicate your assigned table/seat. 

  • You will wear a mask while walking into the cafeteria and standing in line for your food. Once you have sat at your table, you may remove the mask to eat. Please put your mask back on when you are finished eating or need to get up from your seat for any reason. 

  • Food deliveries for lunch will not be permitted this year in order to decrease the number of people in and out of the building. All students will be able to eat the school provided breakfast and lunch free of charge. 


  • Round 1 bus riders will be dismissed from 6th hour first. They will go directly outside and load on their bus. 

  • Car Riders and Walkers will go directly outside and load into their vehicle or begin walking. If waiting outside, masks must be on and students need to socially distance

  • Round 2-5 will be dismissed to the cafeteria. Please sit at the assigned tables for your bus round. Once the previous bus round has left, the next round of students will be dismissed to wait outside/get on their bus. 

Chromebook Issues: Mrs. Fender, the librarian, will assist with all things chromebook. You can continue to email her or ask a teacher for a pass to the library to take your chromebook to her to fix. Students cannot use a personal device at school. They will need to use the school issued chromebook. If they have not picked their school chromebook up, it is waiting for them in their first hour class. 


Dress Code: Just a reminder that as we transition back to in person learning, students will need to adhere to the dress code when attending school. The dress code can be found on pages 7&8 of the handbook by clicking here


If you have any questions or need help before Thursday, please reach out to your child's counselor or me. 

Ginger Jacobson: last name A-L

Rick McClung: last name M-Z